Ducky is one of my last cresteds, and I'm putting him up for sale. Let me start by saying that for the time being, I am going to prefer the sale to be local. It's too hot to ship right now, and I would rather not hold him for a few months. I have a few crazy weeks ahead of myself, and I cannot travel to meet people.

He's eating CGD/PFMC/Gorgeous Gecko Diet, and LOVES bugs. He's not a picky eater at all. He's pretty bulky from not breeding for almost a year, I believe around 42 grams.

His parents are Alchemy x Peachy. Both parents I personally would not consider super dals, and they are from unknown lines.

I will be in NY (Long Island) next week and can bring him for someone wanting to purchase. I might even be able to ship him from NY if weather is agreeable on your end.