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Thread: Obscure geckos; Strophurus, Nephrurus, Pachydactylus, Woodworthia, Haemodracon, etc.

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    Exclamation Obscure geckos; Strophurus, Nephrurus, Pachydactylus, Woodworthia, Haemodracon, etc.

    For Sale: Shipping is not included in these prices, and is usually less, or no more than $50 for overnight UPS shipping, arrival by 10:30 a.m guaranteed. All prices may be flexible so shoot me an offer.

    0.0.4 Strophrurus ciliaris ciliaris - $300/each
    2.0.3 Strophurus taenicauda - male $150, unsexed - $250. Unsexed with a male $200
    0.0.2 Nephrurus amyae- $300/each
    1.1.1 Nephrurus wheeleri cinctus - $400/pair, $125/unsexed
    1.1.2 Pachydactylus vanzylii- $1,100/pair, unsexed - $300/each
    1.0.10 Pachydactylus rangei- $75/each, 5 for $350, 10 for $600, male -$75
    1.0.0 Pachydactylus rugosus - $100
    1.5.0 Haemodracon riebeckii- Group - $1,750
    1.0.1 Rhoptropus boultoni-Male $100, unsexed -$100, both - $175
    0.15.0 Mourning geckos- 10 lot of young hatchling juveniles $150, subadults $30, producing adults - $40
    1.0.0 Woodworthia brunneus- $500
    1.0.0 Woodworthia sp #5 'Southern Alps'-$500
    NO TRADES at this time please. If you are sincerely interested in purchasing anything please contact me at or shoot me a PM on Facebook. I will be more than happy to provide you with any information as well as quality high resolution pictures. Please do not waste my time requesting pictures if you don't have the means, or if you have no intention of purchasing anything. No offense, but I am a very busy person, I am not a picture distributor, and just too many people in this hobby are guilty of this. If you feel offended by this statement, you may want to look into your past as you may be guilty of this offense lol. Please visit for pictures of species, or google them for reference. For character references please refer to the BOI here -
    Thank you for looking Oli
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