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Thread: Male PI White Collar Chahoua & Female Crested FS

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    Default Male PI White Collar Chahoua & Female Crested FS

    CHAHOUA: I love this little chewie, but this "he" really needed to stay a "she". I purchased him from a local hobbyist in December. He was quarantined without any problems and has been putting on weight every month. His shoulders are very light grey/white and the rest of him fires up black and brown. He is a grey/ green/ brown when unfired.

    TRADE: Will trade for GUARENTEED female PI Chahoua. Can be traded in combination with the crested gecko listed below. I am not interested in snakes or other geckos.

    Male PI Chahoua
    Weight: 26g (6/8)
    Color: Black/Brown
    Price:375$ OBO* + ship within US
    Name:  20140608_085542.jpg
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Size:  88.5 KBName:  20140608_085419.jpg
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    CRESTED: This little one is going to be a darling yellow dalmatian. She has always had wonderful crests and a bright color.

    Female Crested Gecko
    Breeder: SoCal Geckos
    Sire: Spotticus
    Dam: Calypso
    Weight:13g (6/1)
    Price: 55$* + ship within US
    Name:  20140602_092855.jpg
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Size:  88.9 KBName:  20131208_085424.jpg
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Size:  80.4 KBName:  20140602_092836.jpg
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    *I am currently accepting best offer on the PI chahoua. If you are interested in the chahoua please email me with an offer. I will make adjustments to the total price if you buy both the chahoua and the crested gecko.

    Shipping must be within the continental US. I am happy to ship through Ship Your Reptiles or Reptiles Express. I will ship animals on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays permitting weather.

    Please email me with any questions. Please provide an alternate email if you would like additional pictures.

    Thank You!
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    Both animals have been SOLD please delete


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