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Thread: rapid weight loss in one of my juvies...please read

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    I'm sorry that he didn't make it. I second the necropsy if you can. At the very least, you got to treat the others with him before they were weakened with illness.....
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    I already have medicine for my entire colony. So, everyone else should be fine. The vet gave me enough to treat all of them yesterday while I was there.

    I would have autopsy, but the vet was pretty certain what it was. He took a fecal sample and saw ameoba (hence Flagyl) and worms. Poor little guy had both.

    I've already spent a ton of money on the medicine to, unfortunately, I really don't have the money for an autopsy. However, if I didn't have a good idea of what happened I'd do it anyway to avoid having something happen to the rest of my cresteds. But, as it is, the medicine should take care of the problem.

    Thanks for the condolences...I'm trying not to think about it.
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