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Thread: research papers on Crested gecko chromatophores

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    Default research papers on Crested gecko chromatophores

    I have to do a poster presentation for my Cell Bio class and thought it would be fun to talk about how crested geckos can fire up and down using chromatophores in their cells. So I was just wondering if anyone knows of some good research papers/journal articles that talk about this. I have just started my research on it, but thought it couldn't hurt to ask around too!


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    I haven't seen any research on this discussed before. Check Google scholar.

    (OK, I just looked, and there is no research that I found that deals specifically with crestie chromatophores or the chromatophores of any former Rhacodactylus species. Most chromatophore research seems to be on anoles and/or chameleons (which are closely related)). Chances are that you will have to either change your project to look at species that have already been studied in this respect or to extrapolate from other papers about how you would go about studying this issue in cresties.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you for your reply .. I was looking all over and couldn't find anything either. I think I will have a look at how they work in chameleons,

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    This could very well be too late and if so I apologize, but I just found an article pertaining to gecko pigmentation and color change, its in Tarentola though, would be too much to ask i suppose to get something as specific as on Rhacodactylus lol. Hope it helps and if you need more just check the citations in the article that could lead to any previous material.
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