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Thread: Standing Bird Feeder?

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    Default Standing Bird Feeder?

    I want to get a bird feeder but the problem with the hanging ones is I have no good trees near my house to hang one so the best would be one that stands up on its one. I was wondering if anyone had one or a brand they recommended? Id be looking for one that is metal like copper or wood, less plastic the better.

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    Have a look at Lee Valley Tools to see what suits your needs. I find the biggest problem around here is keeping squirrels from getting to the feed first!
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    Any of the local feed stores probably have them. You can usually find ones that have like a stake that goes in the ground and then you hang the bird feeder from it. They look pretty sharp
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    If squirrels are a problem in your area, I recommend RollerFeeder. I have one and it's great -- it really works. You would need to get one of those crook-neck poles to hold it up, though.
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    You actually have lots of options on this one. Depending on your state I would suggest something to keep squirrels out. Unless you want squirrels...

    You could get one that is window mounted and not need trees. Just make sure that there is something in the window so that the birds don't overshoot and slam into it!

    I would likely suggest a pole mount. This allows for good diversity of bird species. The perching birds will take seed from the feeder and knock a lot on the ground, but some species will just about only forage on the ground so that is just fine. That will bring in the maximum number of species. Also keep in mind different birds eat different things. A mix of seeds adjusted for your area is good, but you might consider a couple of feeders holding completely different things. The same goes with styles of feeder. I have one where the perches are simply to small for a lot of birds. Variety is the key to making the most of things.


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