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Thread: Clarks Problems

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    To address the only important aspects of your post I could see outside of showing an extreme partisanship ( I wonder how much of that Clark asked you to post.. he has the problem of not being able to fight his own battles).
    I find this little tirade extremely insulting, but having read your previous postings, I am not surprised. Considering the only "partisanship" I have with Clark Tucker is having bought a gecko from him, traded for a second, and purchased some food to try out, I'm wondering how you came to the same faulty jump in logic as you claim others did about you and Pruett. Pot meet kettle.

    For the record, Mr. Tucker has never spoken to me about anything to do with this subject other than to recommend feeding the diet along with feeder insects. Fair enough, goes along with what Allen spoke of in the other thread.

    My worries with your post were as I typed them, in my own words, from my own views. I will admit that when I see "mud-slinging" tactics as I've seen from you on many forums on this subject, it makes me take a hard look at the information you've provided.

    My concerns still stand, since you brushed most of the post off as "not being important enough" to address, so I guess your rebuttal has little import to me in my opinions and views.

    How did your geckos become impacted? Frankly, I don't know from this end of the internet. Either they got sick (from any cause), dehydrated enough to slow gastrointestinal motility to a standstill and "impacted" or they somehow after weeks of feeding "the bad diet" suddenly dehydrated and got impacted. Like I said, the timing is odd to me. I'd expect hatchling geckos to be dropping like flies if the cause is as you propose.

    So, thanks for the non-post, the insulting insinuations that I do not have my own opinions, thoughts, or questions, and the general entertainment value. I am glad to hear you are syringing the gargoyles. They'll have a much better chance than the description of treatment from your original post.

    Quite honestly I found Allen's post well-written and felt it addresses some important points. One could take lessons from him as his manner of handling the discussion on the topic is admirable.

    ***Disclaimer that evidently is required: The person typing this post is in no way affiliated with Clark Tucker or distributors of FGD. The opinions are of the person typing this post, alone. Thanks.
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    I don't know about you guys but I think I've read my daily 30 min.

    Sorry I know this is a serious issue I was just saying its a lot of reading :wink:
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    Lol, my head hurts! So many explanations!
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