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Thread: New Female Hogg Island Boa

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    Default New Female Hogg Island Boa

    I picked up this little beauty at the White Plains show yesterday. She is from Vin Russo of Cutting Edge Herp. I already have a male from him and I really like his strong pure line (his breeders are some of the original 1984 imports) so I decided to add a female as well. The new girl already is showing tons of orange on her lower half and her sides glow with pink hues. Anyways, here are a few crappy pics I just snapped quickly. The last pic is of my male I've had. Like I said, I will eventually pair these two up and produce some STUNNING Hogg Island Boas.


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    they are nice, what is their price range and total adult size, I love boas for their shape but not length. lol


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    Nice find on the Hogg Island and your male is a nice specimen. Vin Russo has some awesome animals that you can't go wrong with. I have a trio of Lemke line Hoggs. They have some pissy attitudes which I hear is kinda common for these guys. However, I have a large collection so nobody gets handled that much except for my current favorites.

    they are nice, what is their price range and total adult size, I love boas for their shape but not length
    You can find Hoggs as cheap as $150.00-$175.00, however, if you are looking for quality animals with a documented blood line you are looking in the $200 and up price range. However, it is always subject to the law of supply & demand. My adult Hoggs are around the 5 feet range.

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    That will probably be my next reptile. They are truley amazing and very cool.
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