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Thread: Post your petstore gems

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    this is the most fired up pic i have of my petsmart find. when hes fully fired up his lats are a bright orange and his back is a rust color. he has grey brindle markings and some dalmatian spots.
    sadly he hardly ever fires up, hes usually like this at night and hes a very light tan with black markings on his lats
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    I got this little one today at Petco c: Just 4 grams and super stunning c:
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    Quote Originally Posted by browniethegecko View Post
    PetSmart is a breed specific store so my PetSmart is a male only store for all animal and they have a sign that says it but then others carry only females. I hate my local petcos and PetSmart is my favorite store! They take better care of their geckos I think
    that doesnt count for reptiles and birds only small animals


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