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    Default My small collection

    I'm new to geckos, but not to snakes! Here's my crew:

    1.0 Bumblebee ball python

    0.1 Bumblebee ball python

    0.1 100% het pied ball python

    1.0 Pied ball python
    "Monsieur Piederoff"

    0.1 Normal ball python
    Blind in one eye due to previous owners lack of humidity

    0.1 Normal ball python
    Has 6 eggs due to hatch around June 20th

    1.0 Lesser 100% het albino poss het OG
    Was a twin, brother didn't make it.

    1.0 Normal BCI

    0.1 Normal BCI

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    Nice Snakes!
    2.5.1 leopard geckos, 1.1 bearded dragons, 1.1 crested geckos, 0.1 Madagascar day gecko, 1.1 tokays, 1.0 cave racer, 1.1 corn snakes, 1.1 northern pine snakes, 1.0 royal python, 1.1 Everglades rat snakes, 1.0 gargoyle gecko.

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    They are all very pretty but for my taste that Pied ball is like a piece of art.

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    Thanks, he's definitely a favorite!

    He is a bit thin, but the breeders were having him breed with their girls and he's still off food at the moment.

    I got to go to their house and hold his baby:


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