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Thread: Merry Christmas

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    Well it's 1:56 in the morning and I guess I also got drunk for christasm but I dotn' know if that conuts because I got myeslf drunk!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReptileChick View Post
    lol! And my dad let us open one gift and he got my this awesome documentary on ocean animals. There's a disk for Sharks and Venomous creatures, a disk for Sephlopods (sp?), which are basically things with tentacles, and Giant Manta rays, and there is also a music disk with a 40 minute song with the ocean in the background and soft music playing over it. I've already watched the Sharks, Venomous, and Sephlopod documentaries, and there were so interesting. Especially the Sephlopods because it was talking about how the communicate with color and such.
    Is it blue planet????? that's an awesome series!! I'm jealous! I saw it on High def at a friend's house, AMAZING!

    I got a couple of dvd's, a necklace, an old navy gift card, and that's it so far. I'm having a second christmas on new years eve with my best friend's family so we'll see what that brings

    eli- someone should have gotten you a spell checker
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    I got a creative zen mp3 player, holds 1000 songs and is photo and video capable, so far I have Zeppelin and Audioslave. I also bought myself a 16 gal tall terrarium and other stuff for a giant day gecko I hope to get soon.

    P.S. has anyone ever used tree branches that are supposed to be for birds, I think they look nice and if you yank the srews out of the wood they can look very nice siliconed to the glass or just propped up against the glass

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    Lol what's everybody is talking about.


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