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Thread: Can Honduran Milk Snakes be parthenogenic?

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    Default Can Honduran Milk Snakes be parthenogenic?

    One of our milks snakes laid a clutch of eggs the other day. They were dried out and cracking, so there was no way they would have survived (they were laid probably the evening before, and the enclosure was pretty dry...and she laid them directly on the bottom of the enclosure, so they got stuck, too), but out of curiosity I cut one open...and there was a little blobby veiny thing inside! I haven't noticed that sort of thing in any of the other reptile eggs I've cut open (all assumed to the infertile, as they have no contact with males). We have two of these snakes, but we have them both marked as females. I don't know if that's a mistake or not - the other one hasn't laid yet, and I wasn't working with them in previous years.

    On a side note, snake eggs look grossly awesome. I've never seen snake eggs before, let alone get to touch/explore one!
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    You never know..

    Are your snakes housed together? (I'm guessing/hoping not.) I've not heard of snakes laying infertile eggs randomly like geckos do, but I've also never really looked into it.

    You should have tried to save the eggs! They can be incredibly hardy when fertile and some might have re-plumped up if put on a slightly damp substrate.
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    My previously unsexed corn snake laid eggs this last month, had also never been in contact with a male or even another snake but three of them did look semi good, so I incubated them for a bit. They did go bad and I tossed them but I researched parthenogenesis in corns when she laid them and found that its definitely not "proven" but there has been enough incidences that could have been parthenogenesis that incubating your virgin Colubrid eggs is probably worthwhile if you have the space.
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    It could just be laying infertile eggs...different animals will lay eggs that aren't fertile just randomly. I'm not sure if they are parthenogenic though *shrug*


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