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Thread: Feeding Dubia roaches? [and tarantulas!]

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    Default Feeding Dubia roaches? [and tarantulas!]

    I've got a small colony of B. dubia for my bearded dragon and leopard gecko. my crested gecko, Wedgie doesn't show any interest in them at all and I'm not sure if the new tinygecko will eat them.

    Just wondering what is the best thing to feed my roaches? I have some ground up dry dog food in there right now and I'll give them snippets of fruit/veggies that I'm snacking on myself.

    Would they eat crested gecko diet? Dry or wet?

    Just wondering what you guys feed your roaches. :>

    I'm also thinking about buying a tarantula. This will be my first tarantula ever.
    I'm thinking of either a brazilian black or a green bottle blue. I'm not terribly fond of rosies, curlyhair, or other ones. I really like dark or saturated colors. When I get enough experience, I want a suntiger <3
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    I feed mine a mix of puppy food, fish food, chicken feed, bran cereal, and oats. I also feed fruits (particularly orange to encourage breeding) and veggies. I also give them any left over CGD, which they chow down on.

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    I feed mostly chicken feed and rolled oats, leftover CGD when there is some, and veggies when I remember. I try to avoid high protein foods due to some discussion that high protein food for the roaches can increase risk of gout in the geckos that eat them. I'm not sure if its true or not, but cut out the dog food (my dogs eat a high protein dog food) just in case. : Color, Contrast, Structure
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    get the GBB!
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