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Thread: How did you name your breeder business?

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    When I was younger all my friends called me a scaredy cat because I had anxiety issues (i could totally laugh about it now). I ended up making an email account about 10-11 years ago "scaredycatash" and that nickname just stuck with me still now till this day. When I was making my business name I went through so many different names yet none really clicked with me. I couldn't attach to any of them. Then one day sitting in my gecko room, I was holding a gecko on my hand and my dog wondered in and my gecko freaked out once my dog was closer in sight lol. Called it a scaredy cat and then one of those light bulbs went off in my head and I figured why not go with what I have been nicknamed and what geckos really are.... scaredy cats lol. I love my name and I am so happy that I choose it Scaredy Cat Geckos
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    This is the greatest thread ever. For me I wanted something that would last the test of time something that would be a great story, something Epic. Sooooo... that became it. Epic Geckos...

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    I mulled over a name for a LONG time - I wanted something a bit unique and memorable. With so many " BLANK gecko " names out there, I didn't feel like that was the direction for me to go. A few friends had jokingly been calling me the gecko hoarder and saying I treated my collection like a dragon little bits of gold and the name The Harlequin Hoard came from there It's a little different, a little fun, and really describes exactly what I do in this hobby I ferret out my favorite morph, harlequins, and want to produce more beautiful high pattern cresties.


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