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Thread: NARBC Pick Ups

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    I know it's almost floral like =D

    Oh awesome, I was trying to think of a name for her and the name Waffle came while I was eating one. The sides reminded me of her color and the black specks looked like her dali spots x3. Thank you for more info on the girl, I just knew who I got her from. I'm glad to hear, Carl was a nice guy. I know Rouge was produced by someone else but I can't remember their name. I learned it when a guy wanted to buy all the babies and they had to call to get a lot price for 'em.

    I'd love to see more photos of her, she's a sexy girl.. and here I thought this was her fired up... orange wow I cannot wait to see it.
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    Jax, this is Martin the F W Firefighter. BTW, before I forget you better start saving up NOW!!!! There will be another show at the Arlington CC in August (10th & 11th) I already have my leave from work in the books. Also do you ever attend the smaller ones in Arlington off Cooper? There's one in less than 2 weeks ( 16th & 17th March) Hit me back if your not familar with the area and maybe we can meet up. I really do enjoy conversing, meeting other animal lovers.


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