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Thread: One of the new girls...

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    With venomous the most important rule that I have been taught was to always put the hand that isn’t using the snake hook in your pocket or behind your back when you first start working with venomous ... Just because when "hooking" a venomous there is a chance that they could fall off (especially small species, or ground dwellers that aren’t used to being in the air) ... And a lot of times people that are new to venomous use their other hand to try and grab the falling snake ( just out of instinct: try to catch what’s falling) and get bit.. Because if something was falling I would always reach out to grab it but with venomous, you probably don’t want to reach out and grab it, if you know what I mean!!

    Also when working with arboreal venomous species always use two hooks.. They can climb right up one hook to your hand quite quickly and an extra hook in the other hand helps out A LOT!! If you can't get the snake off the hook its climbing you can always just set that hook on the ground and have an extra hook so that you’re still in control of the snake.

    So that’s how I learned and that’s what I practiced.

    PS: Beautiful female Greg!!!

    Thanks Erik
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    you italy we don't have problems in keeping venomous problems at all...they're forbidden
    -sorry for language mistakes(I'm italian)-


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