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Thread: !!Getting Cold- Heat Lamps or Rock?

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    Exclamation !!Getting Cold- Heat Lamps or Rock?

    Hopefully I'll get an answer today. As some of you know, I just recently got my first crestie :3 he/she is a sweet heart. Well, due to Sandy, FL is getting cold as well as my house. I checked my thermometer this morning it almost read around 60, I put the heat on in my house for to get the chill out. Its back to around 72-73 currently. I want to get something to heat him when it starts getting colder. Anyone have suggestions? Would a heat lamp or rock be suitable? My crestie is still in a large KK he is only about 12 grams last time I weighed him and he has started to eat after what I believe he went through his shed.

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    A heat lamp is better. But make sure it's not too close.

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    ok, ty

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    If you plan to keep your house between 65-73, you won't need any extra heat.

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    A heat lamp might dry your gecko out too much, I know some people use heat emitters but as long as you don't go below 60 you should be fine.

    You could even use a regular light bulb, those can warm the tank up a bit.. but again, you probably won't need anything.
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    anything above 60 is fine.. even upper 50s on occasion. that being said my own personal experience and opinion is that cresties prefer and do best at mid 70's .. at least let it warm up to low 70's during the day, then cool off to the 60s at night. at my last place i didn't have heat and i used a 60 watt regular light bulb during the day which would warm the top part of a tank to the mid 70's. it was on a cheap walmart timer to go off by itself at night and back on in the morning. she would tend to sleep near the light during the day making me believe that she preferred the warmth. now i have heat and just keep the house in the 70s during the day and turn it off at night ( i prefer sleeping in cold :P )

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