Katie...I'm told that they have little bitty teeth, but it sounds funny when you say teeth with a snake, lol.

Christa...I may not know alot about snakes, but I DID research before I considered adding a snake to my family. Don't fret, Maze just lives in his/her enclosure. One of the things I asked before adopting, was where Maze was fed. I didn't want to deal with possible impactions. When it's time to eat, we removed from the enclosure and go into a feeding tub, add frozen / thawed mouse and WAH-LAH! Instant gratification for Maze.

We're working up to the bigger mice, but right now I'm enjoying the one on one of feeding her every other day. She enjoys her fuzzies and I'm enjoying watching her eat and poop! Not that I like poop, but I like that she's pooping, lol.