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Thread: the joys of medicating your wild caught

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    They are pretty, but MEAN. We used to live in Indonesia when I was younger and they had wild tokays running around. They used to terrorize kids and I was always afraid of one being under my bed and my hand falling over the edge and them biting me. One did run up my brothers pant leg and bite him and I can remember other people getting bit, but I stayed as far away from them as I could. They have creepy eyes too.

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    Not to break the chain here. I have really gentile Leopard Geckos, I really do!!!! What do you do for one that really bites, It has never bit before, I have held him, hand fed him. I really think I know what I did, I went into the room, turned the light on (too fast), went right to his cage and he got me. Yes, it did hurt, Ghost would not let go, he just held on. Then he got evil. He grabbed my finger on the side and held on for dear life. I think he let go when I said Here kitty, kitty or something like that. My question is What steps do you take for a reptile bite.....?
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