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Thread: help! basement infested with fleas :(

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    Default my Basement is mostly wood floors

    [QUOTE=Vienna;547729]I had a flea infestation a few years ago. Here's what I did:

    Well i am looking for a solution because my cats downstaris in the basement have a major flea infastation and we bombed and got ride of them for like two weeks now it's a million times worse and idk what to do my parents are mad. we put topical solutions on the cats. and i got a flea collar but it don't seem to work. do u know if Borax works and if it would hurt the cats.

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    Try to choose any method from here it is the site which called stoppestinfo, so i think you can find here a good way how to get rid of fleas. One more potal which called wikihow. They are have some articles too.


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