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ooohh I haven't been to the beardie forum. I haven't had any problems with people being nasty. People speak their minds a little more freely. They are not heavily monitored so I can see how it would turn nasty with just a few meanies in there. As far as I know she would be a normal RT but she is a pretty one. John (my musband) has always said his from years ago was the prettiest he has seen. He said yours was just as nice as Scout. We don't have her anymore, she has a lucrative career as an exotic dancer now. Really, we sold her to a male stripper that dances with snakes. EEWW! Good luck with her. If you have specific questions, PM me and I get John to answer you if you don't want to venture into the kingsnake forums.

see ya
Tell him I said thanks! I certainly may take you up on the offer for questions. I have been researching and making sure I'm doing everything right. So far, so good. She seems happy and active, was out basking when I got home from work this evening...not hiding at all (she's got two hides). So I take that to be a good sign.