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Thread: How to make my female gain weight?

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    CGD tends to dry out fairly quickly, so I would include fresh veggies/fruits as a source of water. Repashy Bug Burger will gutload and hydrate as well.
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    Well if you have a deep enough food lid, and change it out every other day there should be enough moist CGD in there to keep the crickets happy. Sometimes I give them fresh CGD also, but they like the funky old stuff too. So if you're feeding on a Monday and change it out on Wednesday and it is still a bit moist, plop it in with the crickets. I dont use cricket gel myself, they either get fresh greens or the CGD, why bother to invest in the gel or even the bug burger when you can use left overs if you have them. Now I do have bug burger at home but thats only because I keep so many dubia roaches I do give it to them from time to time, but I always have greens and veggies (between myself, my parrot and my beardie), so I always have veggies to offer.

    But look at it this way, what is it you feed your gecko on days without insects? CGD. Why? Because it is a nutritional food for the geckos. The point of gutloading is to offer the nutrients that your animal needs. This will give the crickets a good balanced diet. But one thing most people forget about gutloading, it takes a few days to do. So for instance you buy crickets on Monday, give them CGD, then feed them off on Tuesday. They are not properly gutloaded. Gutloading takes approx 3 days to accomplish so when you get your crickets you really should be waiting until 3 days after they have been feeding on the diet to be fed off. Most pet stores feed their crickets the flukers crap, so they are not very gutloaded. So it is always good to rotate your crickets, have 2 small containers, ones that have been on a gutloading diet, the other "fresh imports" who are working on being gutloaded. This is another reason why it is so nice to raise your own insects you don't need to go through the hassle of the gutloading process since they are constantly being fed the right diet.
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