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Thread: 1.2 gram hatchling after 140+ day incubation

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    Default 1.2 gram hatchling after 140+ day incubation

    So I was really expecting this gecko to be bigger then it is given the long incubation. I incubated at 69-71 degrees. The only think i can think of is maybe my incubator had to much moister in it. cause almost everytime I would do a air Exchange my eggs had some slight condition on them. But nothing i was alarmed about. The other thing that could of played a factor in this is these were the mother geckos first eggs. I'm really hoping the rest of the eggs hatch out bigger. The babys a little bigger then the tip of my finger...

    My questions are what are the smallest hatchlings you've ever produced?
    Is this normal?
    Would it be a bad idea to hand feed this baby gecko for a month or so?

    Thanks everyone

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    First-time laying geckos can give you some wonky results sometimes. I tend to get smaller hatchlings for first-time laying females, retained sperm babies, and out of eggs that are poorly calcified.

    I would monitor the gecko for a few days... if you don't see poop after normally feeding for a week or so, consider hand-feeding, but in very small amounts. Only put food via an eyedropper along the side of the gecko's mouth, never on the nostrils, so it doesn't breathe the food in. I did have a very small hatchling I fed this way and he's a healthy adult today.

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    I think my smallest was 1.1 grams. Was a slow grower but ended up just fine.

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    I've had a couple 1.0 hatchlings and one or two 0.8. They all survived but were slow growers.
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