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Thread: 1 month old crestie questions

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    I bought a female who turned out um be gravid. On 6/24 two babies were added to my collection! One weighed 1.2 the other weighed 1.3. My question is this. HOw quickly do they gain weight? I've got them in a medium critter keeper and I mist them 2x a day. I take care of them the same as my adults. Yesterday I weighed them and one is 1.4 and the other was 1.6. They were both spunky and active at that point. Tonight I went in to change out food and mist and the 1.6g gecko was dying. It was very skinny as well so I weighed it and it weighed a whopping 0.1g.

    REally at a loss for what happened. I wasn't intending on breeding quite yet and I was hoping to do right by these little guys but I'm still quite inexperienced. Can someone please explain their hatchling protocol/setup? I don't want the other crestie to die and it's the smaller of the two. It just happened so fast!

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    WOW...sorry to hear about this(( maybe a calcium crash? I am NOT a breeder...but that's my first thought.

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    Are you keeping them separate? I keep all my hatchies separate just in case of bullying or stress. What are your temps? your humidity? the littles can be prone to dehydration a lot more so than adults. I always keep some unflavoured pedialyte for an emergency sauna on hand for cases like this.. and sometimes, they just don't make it. How long did the eggs incubate for? Their hatchling weights seem kind of small to me... how many grams is the mother, and what is she being fed?
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    I've found heat & dehydration the biggest killer for babies.
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    I am definitely worried about heat. IT occasionally gets up to 80 in the gecko room. PLans are in the making to move everyone into a cooler room but at the moment it's not an option. I have moved my remaining baby however.
    Temps range in the 70s but usually stay high 70s at the peak at down to about 70 at night. HUmidity I try to keep from going any lower to 40 or 30. The eggs incubated roughly 75 to 80 days and mom is a smaller girl. Weighs in around 35 right after she lays and up to 42 when she's about to lay. She lays duds like clockwork and was gravid when I got her (unbeknownst to me). Every gecko is getting the new 3.0 CGD. Occasionally I give dusted crickets, but Charm (the dam of the babies in question) won't touch bugs.
    I keep checking in on the remaining baby and he seems to be doing well. He's 1.4 grams and hatched 6-24. How big is a normal hatchling and how quickly do they grow?


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