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Thread: Dented egg question (not a humidity issue)

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    Hmmm it looks like part of my thread was moved to this part of the forums I'm guessing by a mod because my original thread magically deleted a bunch of stuff so hopefully I didn't mess anything up lol. Anyways just wanted to let you know that you have a lot of good names and they will keep the names that you've given them. Anymore updates on these guys I'll post under the pictures section when they're a bit older. Thanks all!

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    I've had quite a few dented eggs, some were laid that way, and some went undetected for a couple days. I put them in a hatch container (I use Perlite), and add more than the normal amount of water. After several days, they usually pop back out with no trouble at all. Then they're moved to the 'normal' hatch container and do just fine. Congrats on the hatchings!


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    "One of my crested gecko eggs has developed a dent. I looked online to see if I could find the reason and the only info I could find were replies saying it must be a humidity issue inside the incubation box. I have a SIM incubation container with no holes drilled. The medium is Repashy SuperHatch with a bit more water than I probably should use but since it's not directly touching the eggs this should be fine. I've heard of others using only water with no medium at all in these containers. I live in southwest Florida so the temp inside the box is about 75-80 degrees. Humidity is steady at 78. I open the box daily to make sure I they get enough air but the humidity is still constant. I was wondering if anyone else has ever had eggs denting like this without it being a humidity issue? I have candled the egg and it is pinkish looking with some veining and a dark spot. It was laid on 5/16."

    "LOL! You're full of good names! So we have Lil M and Weyrdgo. "

    For some unknown reason (solar storm, whim of the Universe) some posts were lost. I am copying the duplicate thread posts here to continue this thread. Thanks JayBee for all your help!!
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    Much appreciated JayBee! Maybe the forums just got tired of my posting and decided to confuse me


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