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Thread: Hatchling spasms

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    Ok I am new to Cresties but have been raising Dogs for over 15yrs....I know it may be irrelevant but when anything goes wrong with any of my pets I am researching like crazy to find answers!

    So I haven't had this happen to me personally or with any dogs I have ever owned or bred But....have had a friend whose dog was diagnosed with wobblers syndrome....the signs are very similar and without much research and experience of Crested breeders could it be a possibility? Ok just my two cents but if it were me it would drive me crazy until I found out what was going on

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    It looks like some sort of neurological problem. Because it is a newly hatched baby, I would guess there is a pretty good chance it's a genetic issue. (Which doesn't mean your other hatchlings will have the same problem, usually issues like this only pop up in one baby out of hundreds.) The best thing would be to find a reputable herp vet in your area and get the baby in as soon as you can. The vet should have a better idea of what exactly is going on.
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    I know in hedgehogs there is a disease like this, called wobbly hedgehog syndrom. It's genetic and I believe ends in death, but hit them later in life. I would go to a herp vet or if you dont have herp sepcialist right near you maybe try to find one you can email the video and see if they can tell you whats wrong.
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