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Thread: Carnivorous plants as fruit fly control?

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    I was having a lot of problems with fruit flies as well. Finding them drowning in the CGD and in the water. I have found if I take the food out on the second morning then they don't have a chance to breed. I just got back from three nights away and found a bunch in Kiwi's terrarium! Ugh!! I hate fruit flies. I will stick to my 36 hour rotation and hope they don't come back.

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    If i try terro fruit fly trap, it will work or not, anyone know?

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    Don't know if it will work or not, but keep it outside your terrarium. Most likely it would be dangerous for your gecko.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TAD View Post
    Don't know if it will work or not, but keep it outside your terrarium. Most likely it would be dangerous for your gecko.
    Well, okay. I do it. Thanks

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    Venus fly traps and Sarracena (probably spelling that wrong) aka normal pitcher plants (not tropicals) are from the east coast of the US. They need a cold dormancy period to grow properly. They are supposed to die down in the fall. Generally you put them in the fridge for a few months, then pull them out and go again. They want full sun and plenty of fresh air moving around. They grow in bogs, and should be kept moist (not soggy in standing water all the time). They need distilled water. If they aren't getting enough bugs, or you want them to grow quicker/better, you give them a tiny bit of fertilizer every so often.

    The normal reasons they end up looking like crap are due to too many minerals in the water; they get dry before they are watered again-repeatedly; need fertilizer; or it's the end of the growing season and they are starting to die down for the winter, or not enough light. A planting mix loaded with nutrients will kill them too. Growers do use fertilizer to pump them up before they sell them.

    Also, if the carnivorous plant is big enough, it can catch baby or small lizards. I saw a picture of a Venus fly trap with a baby fence lizard inside, all dried out. Pitcher plants are just big vases filled with digestive juices.

    The biggest challenge to having them in a terrarium, would be figuring out how to give them the cold treatment they need to be healthy.

    However, tropical pitcher plants, Nepenthes, do FANTASTIC in terrariums, as long as they have enough light. There are lots of kinds that have different requirements for temps and lighting, so you'd have to research the particular ones you're interested in to see what they need. But they don't need cold treatment to be happy. There are a few species of frogs that can actually live in the pitcher in the "juice".

    The Savage Garden by: Peter D'Amato is all about all sorts of carnivorous plants. Habitat, history, how to grow and propagate. It's also cool because I actually live somewhat near the writer's carnivorous plant nursery.

    A safe fruit fly trap would use apple cider vinegar and some water, with a few drops of dish soap. You could use the terro cup to hold it, or a 2oz deli cup with a piece of plastic wrap over the top with a bunch of holes poked in it, or some other container set up like wise.

    Have a nice night

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