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Thread: Reptile That Will Mainly Eat Mealworms?

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    Superworms are ok for beardies but to many can make them to fat. Mealworms are just not very good. Not sure if they are ok for adult leopards since i have never had any but Really should never be given to beardies.. But try telling that to petstores >.< While they might be the cheapest there are far superior feeders out their. Dubia are great but are costly so its best to breed if you plan on feeding. Crickets are probably the next best thing down from roaches And phoenix worms.

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    Reptiles, like turtles, tortoises, chameleons, lizards and basilisks, will eat a mealworm in its larvae or beetle stage. Although most of these reptiles would prefer to capture and eat a live insect, it is recommended to rather feed dead and dried mealworms.

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    Bearded dragons, crested geckos, chameleons, and several gecko and skink species...I've raised all of them on diets heavy in mealworms (some species still get them almost exclusively) and I've had no issues at all as long as they were properly supplemented. They've got a bad reputation and everyone has HEARD that problems arise from feeding them very often, but my experience is that they're a great feeder if utilized properly. I've got small geckos that will absolutely pack themselves with them, and I have yet to enconter an impaction or regurge as a result, contrary to what popular opinion would predict.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelissaM View Post
    I do like bearded dragons. People have said that they have a dog-like personality, which is pretty neat.
    They are very dog like. We have two at work and they're really, really cool lizards! I'd love to have beardies some day, but right now I don't have the space for one.
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    What about getting other rhacs that can eat crested gecko diet, instead of trying to find a mealworm-based diet? My chahoua watch TV with me also, and they are soft and velvety, and not prickly like a beardie However they do crave bugs more, as a rule. One of mine refuses bugs though... we're working on that.

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