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Thread: whats the best cat food?

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    Quote Originally Posted by space.kace View Post
    thats a great idea. i'll look into the timed dispencers.thanks BAT. the soup can idea may help as well... right now he scarfs it down and takes these huge bites of the BB & doesn't chew it at all since the kernals are so small... everything gets digested okay and he never throws up any food after so i didn't really worried about it

    i'm going to give the canned diet a shot this weekend and see how it goes. can anyone recommend a high quality canned food to try that maybe will be good for weight loss? i'm not so good at reading labels and knowing what cats needs
    Any of the ones listed on page one are fine, although I'm not a fan of Tiki Cat because it's mostly fish flavors. I love Merrick, Wellness, Solid Gold, Ziwi Peak, and Nature's Variety Instinct a lot. You could try those.

    If you are going to feed a kibble, I would stick with grain free. Maybe trying to transition your cat to Blue Buffalo's Wilderness formula which is grain free.

    Also, I believe the reason Evo causes so many issues is because it's so low in carbs that it is also high in phosphorus. I remember reading something about it on
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    I'll never feed my cats dry again!

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