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Thread: New bunch and an update

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    Default New bunch and an update

    I did a trade with Juliethegr8t and got my half last week! She got my girls Liebchen and Panic and I got 2 kids from each girl bred to her hot boy, Inigo! All fire up jet black at the moment, but Liebchen's kids are perfect lavenders as we were hoping for! Daddy first, then each Mommy followed by their kids.

    This is Inigo (Julie's pics)


    As a baby

    Earl Lee, hatched 9-10-2011

    Normal Lee, hatched 12-12-2011


    As a baby

    Match, hatched 1-16-2012

    Fireworks, hatched 3-16-2012

    And an update for Brandi12 on the little girl I got from her! I caught her fired up! Tokay Geckos: Normals, Granites, Patternless, Calico/Pieds, Hets, & Unproven Aberrants Other Gekko species *** 1.1 Leachianus *** 5.10.7 Geckolepis maculata & typica Fish Scaled Geckos *** 1.0 CB Knight Anole
    1.2 Pachydactylus tigrinus *** 1.0 Pyxie Frog *** 10 Tarantulas & 1 Jumping Spider *** Spotted Scales FB

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    Holy wow... I'd love to see how those guys end up, and any other offspring from those pairings. Stunner!
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    Beautiful group of gekkers here!! I love lavender and cream <3

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    Beautiful babies, love all of the colors.
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    Lovely geckos, but do I see teeth in one of those pictures.
    Always thought crested geckos have no teeth !

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    Inigo is so unique! Does he glow in the darK? Haha, the first rave gecko.
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    Yeah, I bring Inigo to raves and twirl him around - that way I don't need a glowstick, it's super. But he really does look like that in real life, I was happy to get photos that captured it.

    Thanks for posting the pics Kristyn, I love those lil kids! <3 I'm sure going to be interested to see how everybody turns out. Grow babies grow *bounces*! Ahhh I love their patterns, especially those dorsals - it's funny, they all definitely take after their mom in that area. And I love Match's "match" (har har) of his neck pinning just like Panic. I need to get some pics of my 5 now! (Yes, everybody, there are actually more! And some may come up for sale in the future so keep your eyes peeled.) Might repeat at least the Inigo x Liebchen pairing this year and everyone can have creamy lavs! Whoo hoo!

    Can't believe they're firing up black - didn't see ANY of them do that, EVER! lol! Apparently that's what being shipped will do to a gecko. Normal Lee and Match crack me up with their little bed heads. I think Match is going to be a really pretty gecko, whatever color he/she turns out! And Fireworks is looking to have definite lavender potential - fingers crossed for you. Oh and sorry about the shed still on Normal Lee... pretty sure that wasn't there before the box left the house but I could be wrong! Seems like lots like to shed in shipping though. I'm just glad everybody is now safe and sound in their wonderful new home!
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