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Thread: What are some pros and cons of having a ball python?

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    And if you feed frozen-thawed, then you don't have to worry about the snake getting injured by a life rodent. AND you don't have to break their jaws, knock them unconscious, or various other methods that made me cringe - frozen thawed is the way to go for snakes if you can get them on it, and it's usually not too hard to get them to transfer over. There are many guides out there with ideas, tips, and hints on how to get a snake who refuses f/t to take it. That way you don't have to make a mouse or rat suffer for no reason.
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    I say get one, or two or three... as long as you buy them from me
    Balls will sometimes go off the feed.. Just accept it for what it is and don't stress it. It's just balls being balls.
    Biting.. yeah I have some of my adult females that will launch out of the tubs, no biggie, they’re not venomous you just bleed a lil bit.
    I always feed live to my balls. I find you get a much better feeding response, add to that I am not spending 2 days a week defrosting rodents.
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