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    i went to a small local show in MD and picked up a pair of halmahera geckos. i have been looking for them and found this reasonable pair. Only one more species to go in the gecko species bucket--a chahoua and i hope to get one soon if i see one i like. ron. i have to update my signature again
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    isopod colony 3.5 Emperor scorpions 2.5 c. vitattus scorpions
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    1.1.7 gargoyle geckos

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    Congrats on the pick-ups, those guys are cool! Please post pics when you get a chance, remember... "pics or it didn't happen," LOL.

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    Woohoo! Someone else with these guys! I love halmaheras, they're such neat geckos.
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    Congrats! Looking forward to seeing photos of them!

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