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Thread: Proper size enclosure for a Tokay Gecko.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holy Grail Geckos View Post
    Did they have cameras in the Dark Ages? I would love to see the pictures of that reptile room........did they poop in a specific spot or did you have to deal with it all over the place? Did you setup specific spots for the females to lay their eggs or did they just find their own hidden spot? What about were they fed?
    Well let's see if I can answer some of your questions.

    1. "Did they have cameras in the Dark Ages?" Why yes we did. Do I have pic? No. This was a time before the internet.

    2. "did they poop in a specific spot or did you have to deal with it all over the place?" If you have ever kept Tokays, you may have noticed that they tend to deposit their feces on the wall. If you use a decent latex paint, its pretty easy to wipe off.

    3. "Did you setup specific spots for the females to lay their eggs or did they just find their own hidden spot?" If you have ever kept Tokays, you should know that they don't bury their eggs, but adhere them to a flat surface, so no, I didn't set up specific spots. The females would find their own spots to lay (usually behind a shelf, bookcase, etc.). Point of interest, a female would tend to use the same location year after year.

    4. "What about were they fed?" It was easy to offer crickets in open top aquariums. Pinkie and Fuzzie mice in shallow containers (Yes, Tokays eat mice.), and woe be any roach, that happened to slip in the room.

    I hope this helps.
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    I prefer exo-terras for my Tokays because you don't have to reach down over them having doors on the front. I have singles in 12x12x18 to 18x18x18 (or equivalent as long as it opens in the front) and my pairs are in no smaller than a 18x18x24.

    Each Tokay is different in personality and how it will react, greatly depending on the animal's history. All but one of my current breeders is wild caught ( and he is my worst due to his background), but I have worked with them until they are willing to be free handled at least to a minimum. This has helped the animals not freak out when I enter the tank and the female's allow me to date new eggs, mist, and collect hatchlings without complaints, but I have to be extremely careful when cleaning the tanks while they have eggs because they will not take lightly to being separated from their eggs. I try not to do heavey cleaning during breeding season so as not to upset the parents that can't be moved with their eggs at the same time which is most. Thankfully Tokays like to pick an area to make their 'bathroom' so they generally just need spot cleaning.

    I don't recommend a trio unless you do a 55 gallon minimum so females have a ton of space to put between their nests, but the females may still eat each other's eggs. Mine all eat dubia roaches from bowls and pinkies go to breeding girls and growing animals no more than monthly. Tokay Geckos: Normals, Granites, Patternless, Calico/Pieds, Hets, & Unproven Aberrants Other Gekko species *** 1.1 Leachianus *** 5.10.7 Geckolepis maculata & typica Fish Scaled Geckos *** 1.0 CB Knight Anole
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    Kita is very knowledgeable, and ALWAYS offers up great advice.

    I don't have an Exo-Terras, but I have all my Tokays in glas tanks, with front opening screen doors.
    As she mentioned, it's easier NOT to come downward upon them, as Tokays HATE to be grabbed.

    YMMV of course, but probably not.
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