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Thread: A few new pics of my Grandis

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    Default A few new pics of my Grandis

    Just a few recent pics, and my new crimson female!

    Lilium, my new crimson female. She's gravid and has been laying eggs non stop since I got her, 5 eggs already!

    Freya my other female, wild caught from south Florida. She's still very flighty, hopefully she'll warm up to me once I get her in a cage with a door instead of just the removable top.

    Fred is one of my first geckos, he's just over a year old now. He's very friendly and seems to enjoy being handled.

    Steve is the same age as Fred and he's very inquisitive, he's also very tame but doesn't like being held often unless a snack is involved. He likes to look down at Freya in her cage.

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    Very nice!!!!! Is Lilium paired with Steve or Fred, or other male prior to getting her?
    These guys are amazing to juvies are getting quite use to me, but just not ready to attempt handling just yet. How old was Fred when you started handling with him?

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    Lilium is just laying eggs from the male she was previously with. I want to pair Lilium with Steve soon..I was worried about Steve's size but he's gotten bigger. Just have to clean out his cage and rearrange this weekend and then I'll try pairing them.
    I started holding Fred when he was about 8 months old. I'd had him for about 4 months at this point and wasn't really tame at all until I started handling him.

    Here's a youtube video of just how easy to hold he is. There's two videos of Steve being held on my youtube channel as well, he'll be friendly too but only if food is involved.

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    Those are some amazing videos!!!!!!!!!!!
    I sure hope I can get my 2 girls to be like.

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    Beautiful geckos and awesome video. I cannot wait to get more of these guys, I love my little guy!
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    Thanks I really enjoy them. I'm sure you'll be able to tame yours, Hannibal, it just takes a bit of work and some patience. Although I may have gotten a bit of a head start on the taming process, geckos from Jon at are fairly tame. I've only had my crimson female for a month and a half and she sat on my hand for about 20 minutes yesterday without any worry of her running. And I haven't even been holding her much because she's breeding, she's been friendly since I got her.

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