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    Default Leo update

    This little girl was in bad shape when I got her. She has had horrible sheds that took tons of daily work to get on the right track and an on going eye infection. I finally got the infection to go away and she is now clean and clear of all issues. She is downing dubia roaches and is in great shape. I'm glad I was able to get her healthy again.

    This is a picture of when I first got her.

    Here she is now. She looks like she is about to go into shed again.

    This picture cracks me.

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    She's very pretty. I love clean tails.


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    wow, she's looking good! is she emerine? or whatever the heck it is (i long ago lost track of leo morphs and colors)
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    She is looking worlds better! It's too bad she's lost some toe tips, but it's a small sacrifice now that she's found a loving home. C: What's that classy little leo's name?
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