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Thread: King v. Corn v. RT boa... asking your opinion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by obscureagain View Post
    Wow! Thanks everyone for the replies! Figured I would update the situation :] ...I ended up aquiring a different red tail boa through a trade of a few of my many geckos (cresteds & leos)... I was told it is a male, "red tail" colombian boa... the person who had it told me that they had been told it was a cross between a normal RTB & a pastel (and thus has some pink/salmon coloration along the sides & belly) I, however, have no idea if that is true... He is currently a little over a year old and is almost 3ft but seems a bit on the thin side (like pure muscle... compared to my baby ball who looked a bit chunky even when he wasn't eating well)... I was also told that this snake would kill mice and then not eat them just roll them back and forth w/n his coils (but had no problem eating young rats)... I have yet to feed him as he was fed the day I got him and I have had him less than a week... How quickly will a boa take to frozen thawed? Would it be better to continue feeding live for a few weeks as he settles into his new home? or to immediately try to get f/t to work... maybe he would associate it well as just another change along with his environment? Thanks for any info guys!
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    Wow!! very beautiful looking boy you have Iam not one for boas but that one is just awesome congrats on your new guy.

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    Good looking boa, though I call bs on the sides being pink because it has a pastel parent. That's just not how the hypo gene works. Also some would argue it's parent is only a pastel if it's a descendant of one of Jeff Ronne's hypos, but that's a different can o worms.

    Basically a hypo x normal will give you 50% chance of hypo snakes 50% normals. That is def. Not a hypo, though I don't doubt at all that it has beautiful pink colors on it's sides. Many normal snakes show awesome colors.

    I'm also willing to bet that it's not 100% colombian either.

    Any way you slice it, it really is a great looking boa though.

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    I want to add, give it a week or two with minimal handling, and no feeding, and then try to feed frozen thawed. He probably will take it. If he doesnt, drop it in the cage, and check to see if he ate it overnight, If he didn't, take the rat out and try again in a few days.

    Boas usually take to f/t very well.

    Boas are very muscular, and really should not look chunky at all. They generally have more of a pentagon shape than a circle... Does that make sense at all? If you can see it's ribs or spine protruding, then worry. He looks a healthy weight to me though

    EDIT: just noticed I am a month late in this reply lol, is your snake eating frozen thawed? Sorry for blabbering on when you probably have everything squared away lol

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