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3 Good Looking Boys
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Thread: 3 Good Looking Boys

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    Default 3 Good Looking Boys

    I have these 3 males I no longer have plans for. All from great lines and sure to make beautiful offspring

    All animals are fed Repashy Crested Gecko Diet and Dusted Crickets once weekly.

    Discounts given for multiple animal purchases.

    Prices do not include shipping. Shipping is a flat $45 on any number of animals.

    Live arrival guaranteed!
    2 Week health guarantee.

    Contact me with any questions

    Good looking pinstripe from amazing bloodline.
    Speckled Like a Leopard/?? 9G Male

    One of my favorite boys. He gets super red when he wants to and he has cool portholes that stick out. Has breed this season and already have fertile eggs from him.
    Mata/Rufus 26g Male (GeckoGeek line)

    From an amazing pair of geckos, this guy gets almost pitch black when he fires up with bright yellow/cream contrast.
    Speckled Like a Leopard/Bullet 6g Male

    Thanks for looking
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