To all those who chimed in on their love of Chahouas and why..Thanks, you led to my first one. And I have to say within the first five minutes it was clear why they are so fantastic. Special thanks to the Gilpins for this little gem. Hello new favorite gecko LOL. Anyway, after a bit of a shipping mishap which happily only delayed my receiving him by about 6 hours, I got my new little one home safe and sound. I was amazed at how calm and collected the little bitty was. I opened the deli cup and it crawled right out onto my hand taking in the sights and chillin. No fear or making a mad dash. I put him/her in its new home and being thirsty it eagerly licked up some water droplets. I doubted it would want any food, but figured I would offer some all the same and not only did he/she eat some CGD, but also two little crickets!! I was in absolute amazement. And soo adorable! When I offered the CGD it just had to put both its two front feet to hold onto the milk cap and promptly put its little face in and scooped up a mouthful. There was some happy gecko tongue licking for a while. Anyway, what a little personality just watches everything. I didn't want to cause any undo stress so I only got a few pictures of him/her, but I'm so happy to watch it grow and see more of it's personality. So here are a few pics to share