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Thread: SERIOUS GRAPHIC WARNING: A feeding "Don't"

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    Wow, that sucks for the poor snake!
    Apparently its illegal to feed live feeders to herps in Australia and the U.K. unless they're insects, or special license like a zoo etc. (just regurgitating info I've heard, if someone can verify the truth in this, please do!) We just had a poll on our Bluey forum on this topic, whether live or frozen mice.
    I only feed live worms/snails to my Blue Tongue and that only rarely!
    Dr. Alan, I hope you charged that idiot teeny bopper full price for the vet visit and euthenasia for that poor unfortunate snake.
    I wish people like that would be more responsible with their animals and quit looking at Herps as pets for the shock value only.
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    This reminds me of an idiot at petco the other day(we had to pick up some fish supplies, they were having a sale). He was standing behind us in line at the register and was all like "Oh im gunna get another fighting fish to fight my fighting fish." and when people said theyd kill each other he was like "oh well, thats the point, theyre called fighting fish". Then someone who works there and a friend were talking about onions and garlic being deadly to rabbits and the guy was like "Oh yea I should totally test that out".

    He had to be like 18 maybe 20.
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    that looks terrible! I'm 18 and i have been involved in reptiles for about two years. It seems like(not just with young) but with old people too, that care for reptiles is at a low because people do not see them as furry little dogs or cats, things that can get on your lap and follow you around. they see them as exotic, hungry, fierce killing machines. It makes me sick to see what some people will do out of sheer ignorance, i have a library full of books on every reptile i have and then some.But it is very sad to see such an amazing creature vanish due to the ignorance of a stupid owner!


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