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Thread: "fired up"?

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    Default "fired up"?

    what does this term mean? when does it happen?
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    If refers to the gecko showing its 'best' colors.

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    Default A little more indepth of an answer

    "Fire up" is in reference to the intensity of your cresteds colors. Usually during the day cresteds are dull/less vibrantly colored, because they nocturnal. They'll usually "fire up" shortly after darkness/night hits their cages. They still vary in the amount they "fire up" though. Certain days the animal's colors will be stronger than others. During stress is when you get the strongest, brightest colors, so it can be hard to get really good "fired up" pics of a happy, healthy crested.
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    Thank you for your information on "Fired Up". I have that as one of the things that I was going to get explained.


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