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Thread: Favorite Pet Reptile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuspensefulSteve View Post
    My favorite geckos are definitely my Uroplatus aff. henkeli.

    these guys look alot like leachies except for the tails, flaps of skin and color. Other wise the look really similar.
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    well this is hard to choose really my beardie while at times lazy does move around and climb all over his enclosure. i also enjoy watching him catch his food and eat and he has great colors and patterns. now i have two leos toby is the oldest of the two and he does come out and walk around but likes to be lazy at times and just hang out in his hides. sweet pea stay hidden at all times unless feeding time but she or he is only 4 weeks old both are neat to watch when it is feeding time toby is more laid back when he is held but he is 7 months old sweet pea is quick to catch his/her food and does not like to be held for very long. both have great colors and patterns. now pepper i find pepper very interesting pepper is my crestie s/he does hide but also walks around the enclosure when i hold him or her pepper is very laid back and easy going it is fun to watch pepper because sometimes he or she hangs upside down. yes very hard choice because i love them all i guess if i had to choose one i would have to say pepper is my favorite because he or she is different from my other lizard and geckos i have only had pepper since sat but i thank that so far pepper is really neat and i love the pattern he or she has.

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    My favorite reptile? well I have many but but the corn snake is my very favorite. Name:  002.jpg
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