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Thread: Custom caging

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    Quote Originally Posted by RachelS View Post
    The welder I got is a cheap airless welder. It just heats the plastic up as you apply it, no gasses. Not sure how well it will work yet, but I'm excited to try it out.

    My favorite cage is definitely the ProLine. I plan on getting all uniform cages eventually and when I do I will go with all ProLine. I do use Boaphile for my racks though.
    Ed does have a nice product, the only option I wish he would accommodate would be sliding glass doors (or at least the track and opening for them) and have the option of reinforced metal beams molded into the top panel for larger cages. I believe that their is only one manufacturer that does that and they are in Europe, sagging is my only complaint with plastic cages in general. Ed does use marine grade HDPE that is made like plywood with different layers that go in different directions for added strength, so perhaps sagging is not a issue.

    I am concerned about your welder though, from what I have read it is important to have a hot air welder when welding HDPE, many people even run nitrogen through it. You can weld HDPE with a soldering type heated tip but I hear that the joint will not be strong, 1/4 is thin material.

    What do you think about PVC? You could chemically weld the joints or even use PVC 90 deg angle on the seems, just a thought.

    I am only speculating, its what I do until a project is completed, lol. I'm sure you have a game plan already and know how you want to go but perhaps their may be something helpful in this link

    Good luck and post pics, cant wait to see them.
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    I definitely appreciate the help. I tried to do research about welding hdpe but couldn't find much. Best thing I could find was repairing kayaks, which said specifically to use an airless welder.

    I didn't want to go with PVC, because it isn't FDA approved. I know people make cages out of it, but I'd still rather go FDA approved. Also, I love how easy the ProLine HDPE cage is to clean.

    Since I already have the airless welder I may just play around with it and see how strong the bond is. I will try pulling it apart after it cools and if it breaks easily I will definitely look into using a hot air welder. Any other info you can provide will definitely be appreciated, thanks for the help!
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