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Thread: Fear Factor = Animal cruelty

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    Default Fear Factor = Animal cruelty

    Did ANYONE else see the episode of the new Fear Factor, in which the contestants were told to move live snakes WITH THEIR MOUTHS? They had an array of boas (redtails etc) and ball pythons from baby on up to literally animals as big around as my thigh-- and they had one person lay in a tank of them, and the other was supposed to pick up the snakes with nothing but their mouths and move them to another box. DUMBEST shit I've seen in months, and it borders on animal cruelty. I'm really upset.

    They snakes were literally dropped and DUMPED into the tank, the baby ball pythons bounced around inside of it, totally balled up and upset before coming to a stop.

    Honestly, the first contestant was going for all the young, small snakes and the host is literally YELLING "GO FOR THE BIG ONE! THE BIG ONE!" and if she tried to pick up large snakes, they'd jerk and hiss and strike, obviously because it feels like they are being preyed on.

    Its so SICK and twisted I can't not even believe this. Its TURNING my stomach.

    This is animal cruelty at its finest. Would they let people pick up newborn kittens with their teeth? Baby chicks? Baby bunnies?

    I'm at the point where I want to find a number I can call and start screaming.

    Here are some links to the preview. I'm so disgusted.

    HOW can they treat animals this way? They are literally forcing the snakes to defend themselves and these whiny ass white girls are all like "oh my god, they are so TERRIBLE!" I could kick someones ass right now. F*CK.
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    Wow that's crazy, I can't believe they would out that on tv, I'm sure they catching a lot of heat from it. People will do anything for entertainment, its messed up the type of thing that our society is desensitized too.

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    WOW, and you know they are not are not worried about the snakes being hurt, really their tiny ribs are fragile! I would figure the snake is being bitten hard to pick it up that way.
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    As I was sitting here reading all the lil gears and creative juices in my head went into overdrive and I started picturing like a huge genetically altered snake picking up the people and drooping them into a tank lol sounds crazy but I bet those people would have a really quick Change of heart lol

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    I saw this episode last night. It was really bad, I had to cover my eyes and so did my Fiance. We kept talking about the snakes, weren't really even paying attention to the people doing the "challenge". Come on, like laying with a bunch of Ball Pythons is really challenging?!?! IMO the challenging part would be picking them up with your mouth, ugh that's disgusting.

    I was concerned about the boas being around pythons (unless they've been tested to find out if they're clear for IBD), and how hard the people were biting the snakes. I wouldn't ever dare dream of moving a snake with my mouth, it's just wrong.

    We were wondering if they had to sign any contracts stating they wouldn't sue if they got salmonella. Also what time of screening the animals went through... Poor things. I'm sure a few of them died or lost a few feedings over stress.
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    i would think you have to bte down prety hard to pick them up? many of them probrably suffered miner and some even major injuries Geckos
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    We are animal wranglers for Fear Factor and want to make a few comments. In regards to concerns for the animals, our #1 priority on set is to ensure animal safety and well-being. What's shown on TV and what happens in real life is not the same, as selective editing and added effects are used to make the sequence appear far more dramatic then it really is.

    All contestants wear mouth guards for the animal's protection and are given explicit instructions on how to move the snakes. In this method used, it is very similar to using snake tongs. The animals had a thick layer of bedding to be placed on and got far less jostling then they would if one was to ship a snake. If a snake would have been in danger of being injured, we stop filming immediately and either rectify the situation or cancel the stunt.

    Again, our main purpose being on set is to insure the safety of animals and the contestants. No snakes were harmed or injured during the filming and all ate regularly at their next scheduled feeding.

    If you have any questions please feel free to post, but I'll only respond to constructive posts, questions or comments. Certainly some will continue to feel a certain way on this, but again; no animals were harmed or injured.

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    Reptile Bob,

    Can you post a link to your business or something? You didn't sign your post or give a name other than "reptile bob".

    Any yahoo could come onto Pangea and make an account. So its hard to know if you are really with the show or a random person.
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    I'm not even going to watch the episode, but man I've been on a couple different forums/threads and Fear Factor is getting flamed for what they've done.

    But I'm done with that show. I was done when they ate live hornworms and stinkbugs in coffee(Which I just couldn't stomach when the people started throwing up.)

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    Joe Rogan tweeted live during the show that they were wearing near invisible mouth pieces for the snakes protection. I mean think about it if they were really biting into the snakes, don't you think the snakes would be striking? I saw the episode and love snakes, I didn't have any problem with it.
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