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Thread: Scolopendra suspinipes "De haani"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Alan View Post
    How serious is their venom, Jeremy? Just a bad day, or hospital time?
    u know jeremy, unless it can rot his arm off, he dont want it.

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    Alan all of the Scolopendra sp.(De hanni to be exact) are some of the most agressive species.There not as calm as Scolopocryptops sexpinosus wich are alotttt calmer and not as apt to bite.All in all they are actually pretty low matenence and easy to keep as long as you keep the substrate moist and keep them fed.And well it would be a trip to the hospital.
    Looking to get into other Myrapods aside from the Milli's you have Alan??

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    The big African millipedes may put folks off, but they are unaggressive and as inoffensive as a huge bug can be. These guy however are aggressive and wickedly venomous. Maybe next year..............

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    Well here are a few more pics.I WILL get some of there nice lil fangs.But i got so ok pics of the terminal legs (wich can tag ya to)


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