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    Default Rules - Read Before Posting!

    First off, I want to thank all of you for your participation in The Pangea Forums. We have grown into one of the largest and most active reptile communities on the web, and together we have put together an amazing resource of knowledge and information. It has come time to institute some formal rules in order to keep things running smoothly and to help facilitate our growth.


    1. Keep things friendly and respectful. I encourage debate and discussion, as long as it remains constructive.

    2. Keep on topic. Try to post your threads in the appropriate forums - the mods would really appreciate it.

    3. Please report any and all questionable activity to me or one of the mods.

    4. Do not post other peoples pictures or any other copyrighted material unless you have permission.

    5. The Trade section is the only place you may buy, sell or trade. There are separate rules posted at the top of the section - please read and understand them before posting in that forum. Please note the rule about redirects applies to the entire forum: Re-directs are not allowed - in other words you cannot simply post "check out my site, it's in my signature" or "visit" Website URLs are allowed only in your signature line and not in the body of the ad or in other posts.

    6. Please make sure your pictures are no more than 800 pixels wide so as not to stretch the forums. Free picture sizing software is available at .

    7. Please do not post inquiries about other breeders, dealers, or stores, or discuss your experiences with other breeders, dealers, or stores here on the forums. We simply don't have the legal resources to deal with any potential libel claims and lawsuits. If you do want to inquire about or check out any breeders or individuals the Fauna Board of Inquiry is the place to do it.

    8. Mods may send you an infraction warning if you violate any rules or to inform you of your post being deleted, edited, or moved. Please DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSONALLY, that is the only time efficient way the mods can let you know about these things. If you think the mods have been unfair to you, please contact me directly.

    9. Signature Line Rule:
    Please keep your signature limited to a reasonable number of lines. 6-10 lines is the maximum. Max font size is 2, italics and bold are permitted. A URL or simple link (like "Google Geckos") to your website is allowed but no other advertising including: Please visit my site - Check out my site - Like us on Facebook - or any other similar wording aimed at driving people to your site. Paid advertisers who are running a banner on this site are allowed to post redirects, website updates, etc, in the trade section and in their signatures. Smilies are fine, different fonts are fine, and using different colors is fine too.

    10. Posting and Sentence Structure:
    In order to keep the information here at high quality level, we are requiring that people at least attempt to form proper sentences, use punctuation, and make a good effort at spelling correctly. Posts that use 'text message' type language or are garbled by poor use of autocorrect functions will be deleted. If English is not your first language please let us know and we will take that into account. We also ask that you do not post in all caps or use large bold text to "shout" at other people.

    Chat Rules

    Chat is mostly unmoderated and is for people 18 and older only. Please don't be rude to others in chat - otherwise, have fun!

    Thanks Everyone!
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