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Thread: The Trials and Tribulations of Twenty Chahoua: Fruit Diets, Fads and Fairy Tales

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    I've tried the 3.0 with my two older chewies, and they aren't interested in it at all.

    As for the 2.0, Banges still inhales the peach and original flavor, and eats large quantities of roaches 3-4 times a week. We've been doing this for at least 6 months now I believe.

    Rigby has seemed to slow down on his eating of CGD and bugs, but hasn't lost weight and still continues to grow (he's a bit over 60grams last time I weighed him).

    The newbie (tentatively calling her Gideon) has been here less than a week and has already shown a healthy interest in eating as many roaches as I'll give her. She wasn't interested in the fresh peach cgd I gave her (twice so far), but I did notice her licking at a bit of dried cgd that had dripped on the paper towel from her knocked over cup.

    I just ordered the sample of Clark's, and I plan to see how Rigby and Gideon do with it first, since Banges seems quite happy with the CGD at this point.
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    Hi guys - I will update the original post sometime soon, as I have not used Clark's diet in over a year but have been using a diet I've created myself. I've also tried the BFG diet. Life has been very busy lately, but I will try to get around to it ASAP.
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    I will go ahead and throw my experiences in here as well.

    I have been breeding geckos for around 7 years now and Chahouas for 5 of those years. I have had all the Rhacs except for Trachies.

    From the beginning I did a Base or CGD + Clarks + Mango Juice + Water: Ratio was 50/50 on the CGD/Clarks and 50/50 on the Mango Juice/Water ratio. I stopped with Clarks only because there was some distribution issues and I was held up from feeding because of it so I just went on and let out the Clarks and never went back to them. I have always fed Dubia/Crickets at least once a week.

    All of my geckos are large (chahouas at 70+ grams) and healthy and I have never had any MDB problems using this diet. I can always see that they are eating but they just do not eat a lot, so I wanted to try something different. Not to get off topic but I have a 8 month old baby that we make our own baby food for her by pureeing it and freezing it. I went out and got Fresh Papaya and pureed and froze it and tried adding it to the geckos diet (CGD + Mango juice/Water mix) and they went nuts over it. I am now going to keep adding the fresh Papaya to the mix, and I may add fresh banana to the mix also, but I am going to just stay with Papaya for a bit to get a good test period.

    During breeding season I also add a little extra liquid calcium (Repashy Rescuecal) to the mix, as in a small pinch of it, to help with the production of eggs.

    I do not see the issue over what is being fed, if the gecko is healthy, and without any issues, do what works for you and them.

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    Since feeding clarks had first successful eggs from my female and no calcium crush after laying them. Both male and female love it.

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    Thanks MPL, I have read and re-read that initial thread a few times already. I am trying to gather all the info i can on this breed. Any specific books that you may know of on the Chewies?

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    Here is an update with pictures and more details of the OP i guess he is kinda busy but he did a more detailed review and has a nice update on the diet he uses. Here is a link to the thread so you guys can check it out.


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