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Thread: Plastic tubs?

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    thanks for the reply, i forgot to say i also wanted to put holes along the top lid like two rows down the middle, i have no prb with humidity or temps in my house, currently using a exo terra enclosure i just wanted something lighter and bigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedSkyGeckos View Post
    I use a wood burner and an 18 watt soldering iron. I wouldn't mind having a larger one though. The smoke does get really intense and I seriously doubt that it is healthy to breathe it. I set up fans and sit outside the garage when I do the burning. I usually do several tubs/lay boxes etc at a time.

    I burn the openings for the screen and also poke holes for ventilation around the edges. I find that just poking holes in the lids and around the edges isn't enough ventilation and that the cage will stink more and develop mold on the paper towels and any spilled repashy during the week. Depends on how dry your area is I suppose-my area is very humid in summer but dry in the winter. I have screened areas as large as Laura's on some of mine and I am really struggling to keep the humidity up in those right now. The same is true for my glass tanks with screens and the 2 commercial screened cages I have.

    I have learned by experimenting that about half that much screen in the top and then vent holes around the sides at the top works for me (allows you to stick bamboo or plants through). I am experimenting with a round 'spray vent' in the sides that I have seen some breeders use to easily mist the cages without lifting the tops as well.

    The burner allows you to smooth edges on the cut so you can hot glue the screen to the outside of the box-not as pretty but you don't have to worry so much about the screen edges getting the gecko.

    Note on roaches and humidity-I use a 66 gal plastic tub for the dubia roaches and I screened about 60% of the lid for ventilation. Basically followed the indention that the manufactures made inside the rim of the lid. I have a hygrometer going in there because they stopped breeding when the weather turned. I discovered that despite light misting (didn't want mold) and water gel that the humidity was still hanging around 18% now that the heat is running in the house. I have covered about 3/4 of the screen with a kitchen towel that I dampen and the humidity is up around 20-35% now. Trying to get to 40%. The temperature is also holding at 103 (at the bottom near the heat pad) instead of fluctuating between 85-95.

    Hope this helps!

    I was having the same low humidity/no breeding problem with my dubias, so I switched them to a 66 qt with NO holes or screen. I have them on a cheapo human heating pad with only water crystals (no misting) and the humidity stays 40-50%. I check them daily, and that's more than enough air for then.

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