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I'm doing some research on snakes at the moment, trying to decide which I want. I was looking at kings (in particular the grey banded) and milk snakes, but then I came across the western hognose. I completely adore them! I've found a lot of great care sheets, but not a lot about them personality wise. Can anyone help me out there? Are they super shy snakes? Do they tame well with handling? Obviously each snake can have a different tolerance level just like any reptile, but I know that some species tend to be more shy than others. Can anyone with one of these guys chime in?
I just got my first western hognose this past February, and she has shown more personality than the kingsnakes. Momo will come out to investigate any disturbances in her cage - even if I'm just cleaning. When I first got her, she would hiss and puff a lot, but hognoses in general are not known for biting. The only time I've been bitten was when she was hungry, and she quickly released. It took about two weeks for her to really calm down (just hissing and puffing), but now she's one of the most docile snakes I have and tolerates handling quite well.

The western hognose feeding response is almost as aggressive as that of a common kingsnake, so I would advise you do keep your fingers well away from the hungry snake. Their metabolism tends to run a bit faster than your typical kingsnake, and I have found that feeding twice a week works well....just my opinion. If you get a hognose from Limey, you can bet it will look awesome AND be eating like a champ.