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Thread: New Bengal Kitties. =]

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    Default New Bengal Kitties. =]

    I had to get rid of my Savannah/Bengal last year and my other Bengal Mr.Garrys has been really lonley since then. He started following me everywere and not really being as active as before.

    I am finally able to support another cat now so I went looking and I found these adorable half bengal kittens. Both young females and absolutly stunning. The owner however did not want to split them up. I fell in love immediatly so I decided to take both of them.

    Now I've got too little babys for Mr.Garrys to play with. He loves kittens. Especially females. Theyre sleeping under the bed right now but I wanted to post some pics of my new babies!

    Sarah the snow bengal

    Percilla the Marble bangal

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    Congrats! They're too cute!
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    They'd be even cuter in these pics if you could tell how small they are. I went to pick them up and I was like omg theyre little babies! haha. They look much bigger in the pics.

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    Oh wow, they are adorable.

    Curious, if you dont mind, what did you spend?

    My boyfriend wanted a Bengal and I wanted a Savannah, but the prices were much too steep for us, especially when you can get a cat for "free."

    We have two Siamese males (one normal looking Siamese and one tan Siamese) and just a normal DHS female. 3 cats is my max, although everyday I see the little kittens and I want to take another one home. HA
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    Beautiful kitties! Congrats on the new additions. I'd love to have a bengal, but I'd be worried he/she wouldn't mesh with my other pets.

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    Beautiful babies! If I move to a larger apartment next year, I might bite the bullet and pay the price for a Savannah. I just hope if I do that it gets along with the kitteh I have now. =O

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