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Thread: using Marina i25 filter for my betta..

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    No fish "needs" a filter as long as you're willing to do daily water changes. Filters just make it so there's less work for a hobbyist to maintain good water parameters.

    Sponge filters are cheap, easy, and effective for betta tanks too.

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    I'd be careful with a filter in that small of a tank, especially with a HM betta. They can really get tossed around by any current and in that small of a tank they can get stressed and start tail biting very easily. I agree with Laura. A sponge filter would probably be a better option. I really prefer them for the long finned bettas.

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    The Fluval Nano gives you decent water movement without being to heavy of a current. I have mine set up so that the filter is facing the wall of the tank to make it even less of a current. My dwarf puffer doesn't get tossed around with it and he has just as much if not more of an issue with heavy waterflow then the bettas.
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    Top fin makes a 180 aquascene tank that is 3 gallons. The filter is way too hardcore for my betta MAIZE, so I dont even use it. But if you want a cute tank, I say thats the way to go. Plus, it has 13 different light choices

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    LOL yea I like the 180 tank. I'd love both my bettas to have their own 3g. My two females are in a 47 gal, lucky ladies!

    What is a good sponge filter?
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